D3SP0 Dolls

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Hello! I'm Claire, and is my new site. I make dolls for thedollpalace.com. You can request even if you are not a member. If you use Worlize, you can also use the dolls there, or any other site. 

Don't have a TheDollPalace account? Please do join! Years ago there were tons of people on the site, now there are only a few a day. On thedollpalace, you can dress up your 'dolls' (avatars), chat on avatar chat with others, compete in contests, and much more! It's great for all ages. If you're a teenager and are thinking, wow this site sounds dumb, it really isn't. The majority of people who still go on it are actually teenagers+.

-4/6: Anna's doll is done
-5/2: Cal's dolls are done
-6/17: Jordyn's doll is done
-5/9: Vivian's doll is done
-5/24: Kellie's doll is done

Dress Up Games and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace
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